Cargo Manifest
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On Manifest Screen, upper grid shows manifests and lower grid lists Ocean Bill of lading records. By default, last 7 day's Ocean Bill of lading records will be listed.


To create a new Manifest, select one or more BOLs and click Create New Manifest.  Manifest Information screen will pop up which will pick the information from the first Ocean BOL selected, You can edit the information here, If Manifest # field is left blank , Manifest  Number will be automatically assigned by the system or you can type your own Manifest #.  Click Save and Manifest will  be created and shown in the manifest list window.


Manifests can be created only for  BOLs having same Shipment Date.


To add to an existing manifest, select one or more BOLs, select the manifest number and click Add to Manifest button.


To Delete a BOL from manifest, select that BOL and click Delete BOL From Manifest.


To Print a Manifest, select a manifest and click Print Manifest.