Create Bill of Lading
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Create Bill of Lading Screen:

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Important Notes:

VICS, Straight, Pre-printed, WalMart, Sears Bill Of Lading Records can be created using this form

Top Menu:

1. Copy - Creates a copy of the existing bill of lading, It copies all BOL data to the new BOL except for the BOL number and BOL Date.

2. Clear - Create a new blank bill of lading

3. Save - Saves as Complete

4. Draft - Saves as incomplete and assigns Bill of Lading Number to the form

5. Labels - Shows Label Printing Screen

6. POD - creates a POD ( Proof of Delivery) for the BOL)

7. Pick List - Creates a Pick List for the BOL. 

8. Print - Saves as Complete and Prints Bill of Lading in Format selected, processes BOL Number and shows Preview

Print Format:

9. Select BOL format from various options available i.e. VICS, Wal-Mart1, Wal-Mart2, Straight-1,Straight-2, Straight-3, Pre-printed and Sears Bill Of Lading 

In Straight-1 format in the carrier information following fields are seen: handling unit, handling unit type, HazMat, Product Description, NMFC, Class, Weight, Rate and charges.

In Straight-2 format in the carrier information following fields are seen: handling unit, handling unit type,packages, package type, HazMat, Product Description, NMFC, Class and Weight.

In Straight-3 format in the carrier information following fields are seen: handling unit, handling unit type,packages, package type, HazMat, Product Description, Weight and Measurement.

Check Boxes:

Shipped - Check this box to mark BOLs as shipped.

17 Digit BOL Number (VICS) - Creates VICS compliant 17 digit bol number

Weight in KGs - Unit of Measure for weight information

Send Email after printing - check to email Bill when printing

Ignore Tally - Check to ignore Package and weight count in the carrier and order inforamtion grid.

Create Bill of Lading Screen Fields

1. Shipper and Consignee Data

i. Click on down arrow to show Shipper or Consignee records from Master Tables. Select a record to select from drop down. Address fields will be populated automatically

ii. Or Click on ADD button to add / modify a Shipper or Consignee Data

iii. Or enter information

iv. If you have imported zipcodes it will enable you to select city, state and zip from auto populated dropdowns.

2. For Third Party Billing, enter data into Bill To fields

3. UCC and BOL Number: It is recommended BOL Number  field be left blank. BOL Number will be automatically assigned by the system using BOL Number information on the Settings screen. If 17 Digit BOL Number (VICS) check box is set, a 17 digit VICS compliant BOL number is assigned with UCC code as the first 7 digits.

4. Date: Select Bill of Lading date, by default it will have todays date

5. Charge Terms: Select Prepaid, Collect or Third Party. If you select Third Party, Bill To must be entered

6. SCAC: Enter trucking company SCAC code or click ADD to add / modify carrier. 

Note: Carrier Master Table (Menu | Masters | Carriers) has 2200 pre-loaded carriers. Activate the ones you need. Active Carriers will show up in the carrier drop down.

7. Carrier Name: Enter freight company name

8. PRO Number: Type a PRO number to generate a PRO Number barcode. 

9. Trailer Number / Seal Number / Location:

10. Estimate/Quote#: Click on the Estimate button to get comparative freight quotes from the Service Providers in our Network.

11. WareHouse: Select warehouse location. (option only for Enterprise version)

12. Contact Information:

i. Ship to ATTN: Name and telephone entered under Main Menu | Addresses - contact information appears here      

ii. Delivery Date: Select delivery date

iii. Name: Contact Name - Mandatory for HazMat

iv. Phone: Contact Phone - Mandatory for HazMat

13. Special Instructions:

Type any special instructions in this field. 

When you select a Consignee or Bill To, comments in their record are copied into this field.

14. Order Information: (For Straight Bill of Lading, only the PO - Customer Order # field is used)

Order#: Order number relating to this shipment

Packages: Number of packages for this order

Weight: Weight for this order

Pallet/Slip: Type Y for palletized shipment

Dept#: Department Number

Invoice#: Invoice Number
Order#: Order Number

Dest: Destination Name

PO Type: Purchase Order Type

Arrive By: Arrive By Date

Additional Info: Any additional information

15. Carrier Information:

Product Code:Select product code from the product pull-down and the corresponding fields will get populated

Description: Product Description

Units: Handling Units count

Unit Type: Handling Unit type

Packages: Packages

PKG Type: Package type 

Weight: Total Weight for this product. Calculated as units X weight from products record.

H.M.: Hazardous material checkbox - Enter X for HazMat product


Class: Class type

Rate: rate

Charge: charge

Cubes:  If weight is in lbs the cubes will be in Cft and if in Kgs cubes will be in Cbm

HM Class: HazMat class for HazMat product

16. Special Handling / Services: Select any special instructions or services 

17. Reference Numbers: Enter any reference number and value. Reference number can be selected from the pull-down. Type value in second field. Enter Y in Print to print it on BOL.

18. Trailer Loaded / Freight Counted: select appropriate values from the pull-downs

19. COD Amount: Enter COD Amount for COD shipment

20. Fee Terms: Select fee terms for COD

21. Customer check acceptable: Select this field if customer check is acceptable for COD

22. Master BOL Info - You can mark this BOL as Single, Master with underlying Bills or Underlying BOL.
If a BOL is marked as Master BOL with underlying bills. The order and carrier information is overwritten by the information in order and carrier information grids of the underlying bills.
If a BOL is marked Underlying BOL, you need to select the master BOL from the drop down. If it a multi stop shipment you need to mention stop #.
On Underlying BOL in Special Instructions you can see the Master BOL # and the stop#. 
Special Instructions screen for additional instructions.

Once all fields are entered in Bill of Lading the Record may be saved as complete. This will assign Bill of Lading Number if it is blank and lock shipper name and bol number field to prevent any modifications.