VICS Bill of Lading


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What is Bill of Lading

(As per Investopedia) Bill of Lading is a legal document between the shipper of a particular good and the carrier detailing the type, quantity and destination of the good being carried. Bill of lading also serves as a receipt of shipment when the good is delivered to the predetermined destination. This document must accompany the shipped goods, no matter the form of transportation, and must be signed by an authorized representative from the carrier, shipper and receiver.

What is VICS Bill of Lading

VICS Bill of Lading is a standardized bill of lading form created by the VICS (Voluntary Inter-Industry Commerce Standards) and is primarily used by general merchandise retail industry.

What is Straight Bill of Lading

Straight Bill of Lading is basic bill of lading form that lists shipper, consignee and good being shipped.

Is there a standard VICS Bill of Lading form?

VICS has suggested guidelines to create the VICS bill of lading. However, there isn't any standard VICS bill of lading form and retailers have made modifications to this form. The modified VICS BOL format may contain more data specific to the retailer / consignee but the basic layout generally remains the same.

What is a 17 digit bill of lading number?

VICS bill of lading forms use a 17 digit bill of lading number that includes shipper's UCC number and a check digit. Inclusion of the UCC number generates system-wide unique bill of lading number that helps retailer systems track each shipment with a unique handle.

What is UCC number?

UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) number is a unique identifier assigned to manufacturers by the UCC council / GS1 .

Does SmartBOL® software create VICS bill of lading forms?

Yes, the following SmartBOL® software supports various VICS bill of lading forms -

SmartBOL® Signature Capture & Document Retention Solution - WMS or ERP interfaced system that captures driver signature on iPad or Android tablets / Windows PC and saves signed documents without any manual scanning or indexing. Offers quick and convenient access to shipping documents in local or cloud storage from any PC, tablet or smartphone. Click here for more info.

SmartBOL® Enterprise - ERP / WMS interfaced system for high volume shippers creates various VICS bill of lading forms, Wal-Mart bill of lading forms and several straight bill of lading forms on plain paper. Interfaces with ERP / WMS system to reduce redundant data entry and shipment errors while creating bill of ladings. Click here for more info.

SmartBOL® Classic - Entry level Windows installed software supports VICS bill of lading, supplement page, Wal-Mart bill of lading and several straight bill of lading forms. Interfaces with QuickBooks and Sage 50 US (formerly Peachtree) to create bills of lading using information from the sales order or invoice. Click here for more info

SmartBOL® Online Bill of Lading- internet accessible system creates VICS bill of lading forms from any PC, Mac or internet device. Maintains shipment history and addresses / products database. Low monthly subscription rates. Click here for more info.

Why use SmartBOL® to create VICS bill of lading?

Using SmartBOL® to create VICS bill of lading, ensures the following:

  • Unique 17 digit bill of lading number using your UCC code
  • Bill of lading number and Pro number barcodes
  • Automatically selects regular or special instructions VICS bill of lading and prints supplement bill of lading pages.

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