Bill of Lading, Proof of Delivery Signing and Digitization Solutions
Automates processes, Reduces operating costs, Improves efficiencies

Main Features

Signature Capture and Digitization

Signs, digitizes and retains documents created by SmartBOL or PDF supplied by ERP/WMS. Reduces printing, labor costs and driver hold up time.

Document Retention and Retrieval

Offers centralized, on-demand, real-time access to retained documents. Eliminates document access delays and manual resources involved in document retrieval.

Proof of Delivery App (add-on)

Automates proof of delivery (POD) processes to eliminate manual paper processing delays, improved billing and delivery exception handling.

Shipping Documentation

Creates shipping documents such as VICS bills of lading, packing slips as a standalone system and / or by reusing information from an ERP

Paper document processing (add-on)

Scanned document processing module indexes and files paper documents into SmartBOL® document portal

Custom Solutions

Customized solutions automate custom workflows. For example, CSV file processing for a large LTL carrier

Visit SmartBOL at Modex 2020 Booth# 7372

Visit SmartBOL at Modex 2020 Booth# 7372


Saves on printing and operating costs

Single signature pickup reduces driver holdup

On-demand access to retained documents

Eliminates delays caused by missing documentation

ERP/WMS Agnostic. Quick, inexpensive integration

Environment friendly: Reduces Carbon footprint

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Scanner-less Bill of lading Digitization and Retention Captures driver signature, creates and retains signed document for quick remote retrieval
Document Retrieval Portal Cloud based document portal offers quick, on-demand document access
Automated ERP / WMS Interface Automated bills of lading upload using CSV, PDF files or by an API call
Create Shipping DocumentationCreates straight / VICS bills of lading
VICS Bill of Lading Supports VICS bill of lading form with 17-digit bill of lading number
Master Bill of Lading On-screen shipment consolidation
Multi-Warehouse / Multi-User Supports multiple users at one or more warehouses
Automated shipment alerts Real shipment pickup alerts to automate upstream processes
Unified shipping interface Offers single interface to multiple ERP and / or WMS systems
Driver Appointments Captures Driver's check-in / check-out information
Mobile POD App (add-on)Capture signature at the delivery point to automate POD processes
Support level
Pricing per month
Email / Telephone