Case Studies

Sign and Retain WMS created bill of lading for a Consumer Products Company (Cloud Solution)
Manhattan SCALE, SmartBOL® Cloud

Problem: A Consumer Products Company wanted to improve its current document imaging process that involved unnecessary printing, manual paper scanning, and indexing. The process was slow, error-prone and required manual

Solution: SmartBOL® Cloud presented, signed and retained bills of lading created by their WMS in a single step to eliminate any scanning requirement. Using SmartBOL API, the customer could retrieve the signed documents from their internal user interface.

Benefits: Eliminated Scanning processes/errors, reduced printing costs and real-time visibility into shipping activities from remote locations. Savings on paper, printing and manual labor itself paid for the system..

Create, Consolidate, Sign and retain VICS bill of lading for a Carpets Manufacturing Company (Cloud Solution)
Custom WMS, SmartBOL® Cloud

Problem: A Carpet manufacturing company wanted to create master bill of lading in VICS bill of lading by reusing records from its WMS. The current process sent a master bill of lading created using Microsoft Excel to the remote warehouse by email.

Solution: SmartBOL® Cloud introduced remote access to all the shipments and on-screen master bill of lading creation by combining single bills of lading. Signature capture and digitization offered quick, remote access to the signed documents.

Benefits: VICS BOL compliance, master bill of lading creation, reduced paper/printing costs and real-time access to shipments/documents/shipping activity from remote location.

Create, Consolidate, Sign and retain VICS bill of lading for a Global Luxury Perfume Brand Company (OnPremise)
Custom WMS, SmartBOL® Documentation, Signature Capture & Retention Solution

Problem: A Luxury Perfumes manufacturer wanted a shipping documentation system that can create VICS bills of lading, consolidate shipments into master bill of lading, sign shipments on tablets and offer quick access to signed documents.

Solution: SmartBOL® implemented solution that created VICS bills of lading, consolidated shipments into master bill of lading, signed shipments on tablet and stored signed bills of lading for quick retrieval from built-in portal.

Benefits: VICS BOL compliance, on-screen master bill of lading creation, quick deployment, increased mobility, reduced printing costs and real-time access to documents.

Signature Capture, Bill of Lading and Document Retention system for a Frozen Foods company (OnPremise)
JDA / Red Prairie WMS, SmartBOL® Signature Capture & Document Retention Solution

Problem: A Frozen Foods manufacturer wanted a bill of lading system that can create bills of lading, capture signatures electronically and offer quick access to signed bills of lading images from remote locations.

Solution: SmartBOL® Signature Capture and Document Retention system quickly implemented bill of lading with frozen food shipment specific information, captured driver signature on tablet and stored signed bills of lading. Built-in portal enabled access to signed documents from remote locations.

Benefits: Quick deployment, increased mobility, reduced printing costs and real-time access to documents from remote locations for billing, tracking and claims.

VICS bill of lading, Signature Capture and Document Imaging system for a Consumer Products company
SAP ERP, SwissLog WMS, SmartBOL® Enterprise

Problem: A large consumer products company making 500,000 shipments per year, needed a shipping documentation system that would interface with their warehouse management system (WMS), create VICS bill of lading forms required to make shipments to retailers and retain the documents electronically.

Solution: SmartBOL® deployed Enterprise version interfaced with SwissLog WMS to import shipments and make VICS bills of lading. Enterprise version captured driver’s signature on an electronic signature pad, applied it to the documents and digitally stored them for quick future reference.

Benefits: Helped this company to quickly comply with VICS bill of lading requirement in all of their distribution centers that handle more than 500,000 shipments per annum. Electronic signature capture feature signed all copies at once and digitized bills of lading in a single step without manual scanning. Retrieving digitally stored historic documents became quick and convenient.

Shipping documentation, Signature Capture and Document Retention Solution for a 3PL
Custom WMS, SmartBOL® Paperless Warehouse Solution

Problem: When shipments were picked up, drivers had to sign several documents for each shipment. The warehouse operator had to print and sort copies of various documents for the driver, billing department, office and the customer. Printing was done on multi-part paper using a dot matrix printer. The customer’s copy was then forwarded by USPS, courier service or by manual scanning and emailing. The office copy was stored in file cabinets. Since the warehouses handled large shipping volumes, the overhead for this paper intensive operation was significant.

Solution: SmartBOL® Signature Capture and Document Retention Solution used information from the customer’s WMS, allowed operator to add new information (such as pallet quantity, pro#, special instructions), electronically captured the driver’s signature, scanned the driver’s identification and printed just the driver’s documents (VICS bill of lading and manifest) on plain paper while saving all document images into a local storage that are available to customers from the customer portal.

Benefits: Driver dock time was reduced as only one signature was required for all shipping documents. Printing cost was reduced significantly as maintenance prone dot matrix printers and multi-part papers were eliminated. Internet accessible document retention system eliminated the need to file, index, store, transport and retrieve paper shipping documents.

Online TMS for a US Government Agency

Problem:An US Government Agency wanted a transportation management system (TMS) that would enable employees, at different locations, to create bill of lading forms with minimal keystrokes, store origin and destination addresses, store shipment history and display comparative freight quotes for the shipment being created. The system should also allow user to make bill of lading corrections and email the documents directly from the system.

Solution: SmartBOL® developed a customized Online TMS and deployed it in the private network that was accessible to the agency’s employees. The system would reuse stored information to reduce user keystrokes and the time required to make a shipment. A freight rating module was developed as per the agency’s specifications. The system also allowed the user to view shipping history, create a corrected bill of lading in case there were changes and emailed bills of lading to the shipper in PDF format.

Benefits: Saved employees’ time, and eliminated typographical errors resulting from hand keyed information into a bill of lading PDF form. Saved time on looking up freight quotes on each carrier’s web site. Built-in email function eliminated the need to save a bill of lading PDF onto the disk, and then use an email client to send it out as an attached document.